Debby’s work¬† uses a variety of materials yet a similar approach to all the work, building up layers, relishing texture and detail.

Firebird, Mixed media, Painted fabric collage with free motion stitch

“Fledgling” fabric collage and freemotion embroidery stitch.¬†

Created from recycled fabrics and iridescent fibres this is a large scale wall hanging.
The Blue Morpho butterfly is an endangered species and metaphor for transformation.

“Breezy day on the Cornish Coast.” batik on silk


silver textured with lace, fold formed around freshwatwer pearls.

“Sense of wellbeing”, paper sculpture prototype for a large scale installation hung in Horfield Health Centre

Mapping the senses Yellowstone, silk paper collage with free motion stitching

“Surface of the stream”, skeleton leaves, silk fibres, stitch

silk batik

“from Eve’s garden” batik

“Origins” , silk cocoon fibre, free motion stitch