• Lots going on, hardly any time to blog!

    Posted on June 13, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    Design and making afterschool club is going well. Button bracelets planned  for next week.

    Button Bracelet by Debby Bird                                         

    Making paper flowers with music score  for a very special wedding.There will be greetings cards like this for sale soon through a new charity web site “Cappucino cards”. Some of my favourite images will also be available as cards.

    Planning exhibitions for August at Artemis summer inspired silk scarves,embroidered brooches, small stitched pictures  and batiks.

    Teaching demonstration piece "Spring Clematis", Debby Bird

    Grant Bradley Gallery September with Gordano Textile Artists “Explorations” I am collecting lost and found items and responding to them making miniature pieces that will be shown in a Printer’s tray organised by the plan of where all of the letters of the alphabet used to be stored.(I love setting myself a challenge!)

    I am also part of an online journal group “Inchingalong” check out our gallery from January and the current posts based on the theme “Rhythm”. I am running late every time I want to sew something interrupts me!

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